What others have to say about Anima Nova

»The carbon fiber sound post Anima Nova gave my instrument a new life. It unlocked sound colors and abundant overtones I did not know existed there. After the initial impression I discovered that my instrument also gained warmth in its core sound and a quicker bow response which created a much more fulfilling and satisfying playing experience. I recommend with all my heart to anyone to give it a try and make their own mind!«

Cristian Fatu, Montclaire String Quartet First Violinist, FA2 Violin Piano Duo, WVSU Adjunct Professor of Violin 

»Your sound post is really spectacular! It is the perfect invention for making sure my instrument is sounding its best in every climate change I encounter.«

Joel Quarrington, Visiting Artist at the Royal Academy of Music, Former Principal Bass, London Symphony Orchestra

»I first heard about Pal Molnar and his carbon sound post in early 2016. My first reaction was very sceptical: “What? Carbon for the sound post? Why such weird idea? Why would someone question the quality of wood that has been a material for sound posts for centuries?!” The enlightening moment came when during the following months I happened to play on 3 different basses that had just been equipped with Pal's carbon sound post. I had known all these instruments before and was astonished how they changed. Each of those basses was a completely different type-of-sound-instrument but the effect of the carbon sound post was exactly the same for all of them - quicker response under the bow and more centered, focused sound, resulting from increased vibration in its middle overtone-range (without loosing the high and low frequencies). I didn’t need more convincing - since late 2016 I am a happy user of Pal Molnar’s carbon sound post in my Quenoil solo-bass. I have worked to constantly enrich the sound of the bass since I bought it in 2009 and the carbon sound post turned to be like a "cherry on the top of the cake". The instrument sings even more beautifully, responds quicker and by that is stronger-sounding and easier to play. Thank you and congratulation to your invention, Pal Molnar!«

Szymon Marciniak, double-bass soloist/ freelance musician,

»I am very fortunate to own a very fine old Italian bass. I am always looking to find any tonal improvement, so when I became aware of the Anima Nova soundpost, I decided to give it a try. After the post was installed, I was astounded to discover quite a few large enhancements. My bass became more even throughout, a few wolf tones were diminished and it played easier than before. These were great things but the amazing thing was the quality and clarity of the tone was greatly improved and newer tonal colors emerged. Needless to say, this continues to make me very happy when I play. Thank you Anima Nova for a truly innovative concept and product!«

Leigh Mesh, Associate Principal Bass, MET Opera Orchestra

»I am fortunate to be able to play a D. Montagnana of 1720. It is equipped with Anima Nova. Anima Nova has opened up new soundscapes. I can even say that the new approach has improved my technique and thereby broadened my musical imagination. The sound has become more balanced. Due to the optimal tension within the instrument body, the instrument can "breathe" better, it reacts very well in every register and every dynamic!«

István Várdai, Cellist und Associate Lecturer at the Kronberg Academy

»I would like to thank Mr. Pal Molnar very much for the invention and production of his carbon sound post and for installing it into my cello. His predictions in regards to an enhanced sound spectrum and a more pleasant response came true. I am fully convinced!«

Prof. Michael Sanderling

Professor for violoncello at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts

Principal Conductor of the Dresden Philharmonic

»I witnessed the enthusiasm of several musicians of one of the leading symphony orchestras in Germany caused by the fitting of the carbon sound post. I had my personal light bulb moment when the inventor installed Anima Nova in my favourite instrument, which I have been playing for 50 years. In this instrument the sound post creates a totally unimagined high-italian sound universe. It is not necessary anymore to change between solo and orchestra strings, because the sound post allows orchestra tuning with solo strings. Thank you very much, dear Mr. Molnár.«

Prof. Wolfgang Güttler, former double-bass player with the Berliner Philharmoniker, principal bass with the SWR Symphony Orchestra and currently principal bass with the Dresden Philharmonic.

»Thank you so much Pál Molnár for creating the adjustable carbon sound post and installing it into my bass. Now the sound is clearer, more distinct and the volume raised about 20 %. I can only recommend everyone to try out this brilliant invention.«

Jimmi Roger Pedersen, player | composer | educator,

»I was lucky enough to be involved in the development from the very beginning: from a simple carbon rod to the completion of a high-tech carbon sound post. My enthusiasm for this sound post has steadily increased. I am very happy to be able to use Anima Novas in my two cellos.«

Leopold Frint, Cellist from Ettlingen

»Following the success of the carbon bow, it is now time for the carbon sound post. The tension achieved using the carbon sound post’s fine adjustment mechanism inside the instrument is a brilliant development. This makes it possible for every bowed instrument to reach its optimal sound quality – both in summer and in winter. My instrument sounds better than ever.«

Wilhelm Kindich, former Cellist from the Badischen Staatskapelle orchestra Karlsruhe

»It is almost two years ago (summer 2014) since we started installing the Anima Nova sound posts into our instruments. By know we installed it into 5 instruments and tried them in various concert halls with different acoustical conditions and are consistently impressed by the results. We noticed the distinct improvement not only in the modern instruments, but also in the baroque violin and violin. Many thanks for this Mr. Molnar!«

Maria Lomonosova-Ziegler – Deputy 1st Concertmaster Baden-Baden Philharmonic

Kilian Ziegler - Viola, freelancer and instrumental instructor

Both members of the "Lomonosov-Quartet"

»After the application of the carbon sound post I am completely convinced that I can fathom the tonal character of any instrument to the maximum. The handling and the adjustments are accomplished without difficulty and should be carried out together with the owner of the instrument in order to fulfill his acoustical perception. Many thanks to Mr. Molnár for this ingenious implementation of an adjustable sound post.«

Ernst W. Fuchs, Luthier, Ravensburg

»The responsiveness of my instrument improved in all pitches through the new carbon sound post of Mr. Molnar. Especially in the lower pitches the sound gained volume. Through the ball joints the sound post automatically adjust itself to the arching of the instrument. The possibility to adjust the sound post under string tension opens completely new options for the sound control. I am also impressed by the precise workmanship and the love of detail. Thank you for this wonderful invention!«

Prof. Benedikt Hübner, 1st solo double-bass player with the Dresden Philharmonic and professor at the University of Music Dresden

»The carbon sound post noticeably improves the sound as well as the responsiveness of my instrument.«

Tobias Glöckner, deputy solo double-bass player with the Dresden Philharmonic and assistant professor at the University of Music Dresden

»Mr. Pal Molnar installed the carbon sound post he developed into my old (ca. 1860) violin. The D and G string responded a bit slow and the sound was a little boomy and dull. After the carbon sound post was installed the sound opened up promptly, the violin sounded free, a little louder and the response was immediately better. Now after 6 month the positive result is still the same. I am satisfied with the carbon sound post and strongly recommend a change to it.«

Prof. D. Stulgyte-Richter
Deputy Concert Master of the Dresden Philharmonic

»Thank you for this genius idea and the perfect technical realization and for the friendly and personal support from you and your wife. Who would have thought that such improvement of string instrument making and sound optimization are still possible nowadays!«

Olaf Kindel, double-bass player with the Dresden Philharmonic

»Lately I was able to witness how Mr. Molnar installed his new sound post in some double basses of our orchestra. Because of the material I was sceptical at the beginning. But the results were in all cases so positive that it was not difficult at all to take decisions. There were some similarities: after the implementation of the sound post all of the basses sounded more open and the sound was more sutainable. It is a great improvement that the pressure ratios can be changed under full string tension. You can hear the change immediately. Substantial improvement can be reached through the precise thread e.g. to adjust the high and low tone ranges. I had the carbon sound post also build into my personal double bass and it had the same positive effects. Congratulations to this great invention.«

Bringfried Seifert, double-bass player with the Dresden Philharmonic

»Congrats! You have achieved something special.«

Kiril Nikolow, former cellist of the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra and luthier

»I am very satisfied with the sound post. It is really a sound revolution! That it makes my double bass sound better is a wonderful bonus! I think I will also buy a sound post for my viola da gamba.«

Pär Engstrand, freelance musician and teacher from Wernigerode

»Whenever I play my cello I am happy about the new improved sonority of my instrument and the new smooth sound of my A-string. Several weeks after the installation I would like to thank you for that today.«

Helga Schleuning, cello teacher

»For three months the carbon fibre sound post has been built into my violin. Now the instrument responds a lot easier and has a considerably more resonant sound. I am very satisfied.«

Klaus Ziegler, Rastatt Chamber Orchestra

»For a long time I have been hoping for a solution, how to test different sound settings without having to order a new carved sound post every time. So finally here it is: I was convinced instantly by the sound experience and the easy adjustment possibilities of the new carbon sound post – it has not left my violin ever since!«

Harald Paul, Violinist of SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden and Freiburg

»It is wonderful with the sound posts! Anything goes! You made me addicted to practicing!«

Martin Hahn, Viola player of Badische Philharmonie Pforzheim

»I am extremely satisfied with my “new” viola. Some former difficulties have disappeared. The response got much easier, the sound speaks more freely. It is just wonderful and it is great fun to practice. After being skeptical at the beginning I am now totally excited. I experienced a concert of Mr. Hahn in Switzerland where he was playing the “Ritter Bratsche”. The effect of Anima Nova was gigantic. The sound experience was exceptional. It is hard to believe. You have to hear and experience it. Congratulations Mr. Molnar and many thanks.«

Elke Kettig, Schömberg

»The improvement of the sound of my already very good sounding 5-string bass (Björn Stoll) through the installment of the Anima Nova is significant. The bass is now much louder. The speed of attack as well as the articulation is very much enhanced. The sound is homogeneously and uniform throughout all positions. Even the H-String fits perfectly together with the rest, and it sounds phenomenal. I emphatically recommend the Anima Nova.«

Martin Schönewerk, Tübingen

»Anima Nova has two significant advantages compared to the traditional sound post: First, it offers the possibility to directly adjust the vertical dimension, thus finding the ideal tension between belly and back. Thereby, minimal changes are decisive. On the other hand, ball joints, which adjust to the particular conditions of the wood, cater for full vibration transfer. The sonic result is of striking evident nature. I can only compliment Mr. Molnar on this invention and thank him cordially. Anima Nova is the solution to an old string player’s problem.«

Frowald Eppinger, former viola player of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony

»I would like to express my lasting joy about the new sound posts in my two cellos. My cellos got a lot more overtones through the sound posts so that the vibrato can be used less. The tones are easier to locate and the intonations are therefore easier to hear. It’s simply more fun to practice and play! Previously I tried to master the instrument, now I can concentrate much more on musical creativity. This is a fundamental improvement for every string player!«

Stephan Rieckhoff, Geneva